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Rolkem Sparkle Dusts

ROLKEM Sparkles

Food Colouring, non-toxic, edible, sparkling finish dusting powder.

Use this product on your sugar craft articles to create a glossy finish with a bit of a sparkle. This product is more sparkly than the ROLKEM Supers, but less than the ROLKEM Crystals. It can be dry brushed onto any edible product including Chocolate.

10ml individual pots, minimum purchase of 5 pots per colour.

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  • BLUE Sparkle Dust
  • EMERALD Sparkle Dust
  • GOLD Sparkle Dust
  • HOLLY Sparkle Dust
  • IVORY Sparkle Dust
  • RUBY Sparkle Dust
  • STRING OF PEARLS Sparkle Dust
  • WHITE Sparkle Dust


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